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This is an insurance policy, which protects one against loss, if the condition of title to land is other than as insured.  When one purchases property, such as the property on which one’s home is built, one expects to be able to use that property as he or she wishes, free from encumbrances created by others.

Furthermore, one expects to be able to freely sell or pledge his or her property as security for a loan.  Title insurance is designed to cover such encumbrances and allow one to enjoy the rights for which he or she bargained.

This is the final meeting between buyer and seller, where conveyance and loan documents are executed, funds are paid to the appropriate parties, and the property is transferred.

This is a process by which we can: verify the work performed, at certain intervals, throughout the construction process; monitor the process for mechanics liens; and disburse funds pursuant to agreement.

This is an examination of public records to determine what, if any, defects or encumbrances exist in a chain of title.  These are generally searches from the time the current owner took title to the present date. It includes any loans, back taxes, liens, or judgments on the property of the current owner.

We can provide both 1031 and Reverse 1031 Exchanges.  This is part of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, which allows one to defer any capital gains taxes due on the exchange of certain types of property.
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